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African Daydreams depicts a personal journey of a young Game Ranger, who as a child followed his father as he travelled the length of the Zambezi Valley in his role as the National Parks Chief Investigations Officer.


A collection of captivating African stories gives the reader an insight into the challengers of preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe. Amongst the tales of confrontations with armed poachers and under cover deals in the illegal trafficking of rhino horn and ivory is the heartwarming story of Samantha the rhino calf and her release back into the wild.

Post National Parks the journey continues as the author shares his passion of the bush with clients as a Professional Safari Guide. Political turbulence and economic events mark the end of the authors wildlife career.

Migrating to Australia the love for Africa takes the author back to the wild places in the final chapter “Going home”.

The book is dedicated to his dad, Graham Nott, who was instrumental in the formation and running of the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Investigations Branch. 

Paperback: $29.95

eBook: $9.98

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Want to own a copy of African Daydreams and see what adventures Colin and Cheryl got up to in Africa?

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