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Official African Daydreams book trailer

Are you ready for YOUR African Daydream adventure?

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Colin Nott’s love for his homeland, Zimbabwe, her people, and its wildlife, shines through every page of this memoir.

Moving from the Zambezi River’s magical, sparkling waters to the secret folds of the imposingly beautiful hills and valleys of the Matopos Game Park during his time as a ranger, Colin transports you on a journey that will remain with you long after his story is told.

Experience the adrenaline highs of tracking rhino and their poachers through head-high golden grass, and the nerve-wracking experiences of the anti-poaching team, flying in a doorless helicopter over Matabeleland. Roll in the mud with Colin’s wife, Cheryl, as she teaches rescued baby rhino Samantha how to protect her skin from the sun. And, join Colin as he moves from ranger to safari operator with comical stories of success and failure.

This book details a unique time and way of life, with all its joys and sorrows.


Meet Oscar!

The African Daydreams Team have recently become guardians through the symbolic adoption of this gorgeous Vervet monkey, Oscar. All thanks to the Free to be Wild team.

Oscar arrived at Free to be Wild in early 2020 after he was stolen from his mother with the intention to sell him to the pet trade. He was confiscated by a caring citizen, who took him into her care until he could be sent to Free to be Wild.

Oscar has now formed a new family with other monkeys at the Free to be Wild centre.

Sponsoring an animal through Free to be Wild helps them take care of the animal and ensure they're safe and best looked after and fed.


When Oscar and his monkey family are large enough and well established enough, they'll be released to enjoy their best life where they belong:

back in the wild! 

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